The best semi-permanent and gel kits in the home

Keeping The best semi-permanent and gel kits in the home

Keeping our hands always tidy is a pleasure that we would all like to have, even if it is not always easy and cheap. Have you ever thought about making nail reconstruction with gel or semipermanent directly at home ? We have selected 4 of the best and most complete kits to make the gel at home! The procedure is simple, it requires only a lot of precision, and who knows maybe we will discover a fun hobby to spend different afternoons between friends.“

1. The best for quality and convenient price

A kit to make semi-permanent and reconstruction with professional and complete gel at an affordable price. Meanail Paris is the Parisian brand that creates professional solutions for manicures and pedicures, ensuring high quality and the promise of an absolutely vegan and cruelty free cosmetics . The lamp is guaranteed 2 YEARS, including luminaire and neon. Along with the UV led nail lamp for gel polish oven, many accessories are supplied, such as files, primers, base coat and colored semi-permanent glaze. If you start from scratch and want to dedicate yourself to the beauty and care of your nails, this kit is the one for you.“

2. Coscelia Kit 36W UV Lamp

The best semi-permanent and gel kits in the home
Are you a true manicure lover? Then this super-equipped kit will make your eyes shine. Inside, in addition to the 36W UV lamp, you will also find many nail polishes, nail decorations and tools needed to make a reconstruction of real masters. Suitable for both domestic use and professional use, with this kit you can specialize in nail art every time different and particular“

3. Professional Semi-permanent Nail Kit

A super discounted and convenient kit that also includes a latest generation LED lamp with which you can make a manicure with semi-permanent polish in just a few minutes. The kit is complete and professional, with more than 30 accessories for semi-permanent manicure and nail art worthy of an electronic engineering! Also useful for quick drying, for those who have always tight deadlines and does not have too much time to devote to the care of the hands.

4. Professional Semi-permanent Nail Kit

Vertical garden: all solutions

The vertical gardens are increasingly depopulated more in the homes and on the terraces of the apartments. The solution designed to give a corner of greenery within the city structures, is perfect for instilling well-being, sprung from plants and giving a touch of design to the apartments. In the center or in a corner, vertical gardens become the focal point of the room.

After having suggested ideas and advice for a DIY garden , we could not help but show you the best supports in which to place the plants, which will give color and a touch of green to your apartment!

1. A picture of plants: Wall vase
For those who love plants and want to make them the protagonists of the room, this wall vase is the ideal choice. Made of white plastic, the support adapts to any environment, from modern to classic. Rectangular and with simple lines, the wall vase allows us to give free rein to our imagination and choose the plants that we prefer. From those fat to those with colorful flowers to the creepers, the salon or corridor will be captivated by the charm of the vertical garden, which will become an elegant piece of furniture. With the pot made up of six supports we can grow all the plants we want thanks to the natural sphagnum substrate, made of natural fiber and odorless, it holds up to twenty times its weight in water. With irrigation from above through micro-holes and the anti-drip system with collection tank at the bottom.

2. Simple and elegant: Set of glass vases
If we want to enrich a corner of the house or give a touch of elegance to a wall , the set consisting of three glass vases is the perfect choice. The simple and delicate jars give a touch of refinement to any environment. The boules of different sizes, from the smallest to the largest, create a pleasant dimensional game, ideal for giving the apartment a touch of design. Perfect for any kind of plant, we have to do is choose the one that reflects our tastes. The upper hole is designed to water the plants and ensure their well-being. Thanks to the back hole and hooks provided, with a few simple gestures we will have a simple and refined vertical garden.

3. Perfect for the exterior: Balconiera
The vertical garden can not only make the interior of the apartment unique, but also the exterior . If we are lucky enough to have a terrace or a large balcony, we can not miss the balcony. The set consists of three compartments, made of fiberglass, is resistant and safe suitable for any weather or direct sunlight without fading. The modular vessels in different heights and positions, allow you to arrange them according to the space and our tastes to get a practical result and design. Enriched by a water reserve system, it is able to guarantee continuous and persistent irrigation of plants.